Computer GK Questions (500-1000)

501) A compiler breaks the source code into a uniform stream of tokens by lexical


502) The number of processes that may running at the same time in a large system can

be thousands

503) LET.BAS files are related to Microsoft word utility

504) A command in UNIX can have one or more arguments

505) A hard disk is logically organized according to cylinders and sectors

506) A frame can include text & graphics, tables & graphics, graphics

507) All the formatting data for the paragraph is stored in the paragraph mark

508) The abbreviation CAD stands for computer aided design

509) We can define hypertext definition in notebooks using Macsyma 2.0

510) The addressing mode(s) that can be used in a formula is/are- absolute, relative

and mixed

511) WINDOWS can work in enhanced and standard modes

512) The part of a machine level instruction which tells the central processor what has

to be done is an operation code

513) O-Matrix software packages do not have animation capabilities

514) In order to paste text form the clipboard in the document being edited, press the

Ctrl-A key

515) A program that converts a high level language program to a set of instructions

that can run on a computer is called

a compiler

516) Faster execution of programs is not an advantage of a subroutine

517) First generation of computer period is 1945-1950

518) IBM built first PC in the year 1981

519) A small computer program embedded within an HTML document when a user

retrieves the web page from a web

server is called an applet

520) Another name for systems implementation is transformation

521) The central host computer or file server in a star network maintains control with

its connecting devices through


522) C++ does not check whether the index value is within scope

523) The browser uses uniform resource locator to connect to the location or address

of internet resources

524) In the centralized computing architecture, the entire file is downloaded from the

host computer to the user’s

computer in response to a request for data

525) An expert system enables one or more users to move and react to what their

senses perceive in a computer

simulated environment

526) Popping or removing an element from an empty stack is called underflow

527) The ability to combine data and operations on that data in a single unit is known

as polymorphism

528) A router is a device that sites between your internal network and the internet and

limits access into and out of your

network based on your organization’s access policy

529) In C++, private, protected, and public are reserved words and are called member

access specifiers

530) The integration of all kinds of media such as audio, video, voice, graphics and

text into one coherent presentation

combined is called multimedia

531) The derived class can redefine the public member functions of the base class

532) A technique for searching special databases, called data warehouses, looking for

related information and patterns

is called data mining

533) Like the quick sort the merge sort uses the divide and conquer technique to sort a


534) The use of expert systems technology can greatly reduce the number of calls

routed to a customer service


535) Building a list in the backward manner, a new node is always inserted at the

beginning of the list

536) Creating a web site is also called web authoring

537) Using the optimization analysis approach, the expert system starts with a

conclusion and tries to verify that the

rules, facts, and conclusion all match. If not, the expert system chooses another


538) Both the application program and operating system program only describes the


539) Root is one of the items given below is not an item of the menu bar

540) BACKUP is not an internal command

541) In a disk, each block of data is written into one sector

542) Hard copy is a printed copy of machine output

543) A boot strap is a small utilization computer program to start up in inactive


544) CAD is oriented towards software

545) Icons are picture commands

546) IBM company for the first time launched pocket computers

547) PROM is a computer part

548) Algorithms can handle most system functions that aren’t handled directly by the

operating system

549) Device drivers are small, special-purpose programs

550) LAN refers to a small, single site network

551) A collection of programs that controls how your computer system runs and

processes information is called

operating system

552) When we are working on a document on a PC the document is temporarily

stored in RAM

553) Information travels between components on the motherboard through buses

554) Microsoft is a vertical market application

555) RAM refers to the memory in your computer

556) Computers connected to a LAN can share information and / or share equipment

557) Magnetic tape is not practical for applications where data must be quickly

recalled because tape is a sequential

access medium

558) In Late 1988 computer viruses land in India for the first time

559) ALU is a part of the CPU

560) In computer technology a compiler means a program, which translates source

program into object program

561) American computer company IBM is called big blue

562) The first IBM PC did not have any ROM

563) The digital computer was developed primarily in UK

564) Programs which protect a disk from catching an infection are called antidotes

565) The first movie with terrific computer animation and graphics was released in

1982 is Tron

566) An integrated circuit is fabricated on a tiny silicon chip

567) The word size of a microprocessor refers to the amount of information that can

be stored in the byte

568) Daisy-wheel printer cannot print graphics

569) In the IBM PC-AT, the word AT stands for advanced terminology

570) Dedicated computer means which is assigned one and only one task

571) Real time programming type of computers programming is used for aero plane

ticket reservation system

572) RAM means memory which can be both read and written to

573) Laser printer uses light beam and electro statically sensitive black powder

574) The Santa Clara Valley, California is popularly known a Silicon Valley of

America because many silicon chip

manufacturing firms are located there

575) A program written in machine language is called assembler

576) International business machine was the first company in the world to build

computer for sale

577) PARAM is a parallel computer

578) For communications, wide area networks use special purpose telephone wires

and fiber optic cables and


579) Data transfer rate in modems is measured in bits per second

580) A compiler cannot detect logical errors in source programs

581) Throughput, turnaround time, response time are measures of system performance

582) OLTP architecture can handle a limited number of dimensions whereas OLAP

architecture does not have any limit

on the number of dimensions

583) The binary equivalent of (40.125) suffix 10 is 101000.001

584) Kernel is the only art of an operating system that a user cannot replace or modify


Symbol signifies a magnetic disk

586) COBOL programming language was initially developed for consumer

electronics goods

587) Running, blocked, ready, terminated are different states of a process

588) Rational rose is an example of a modeling language

589) A disk worm is an example of optical devices

590) A RAID is a disk array

591) The first private internet service provider in India was Satyam infoway

592) The maximum and minimum unsigned number which can be stored in a 8 bit

word is 0 and 255

593) Stack is a part of memory

594) HIT RATIO is associated with cache performance

595) Laser printer is a page printer

596) Storage capacity of a disk system depends upon number of recording surfaces

and number of sectors per track

597) Abstraction is associated with object oriented technology and database


598) The terms opcode and operand are associated with any high level language

599) Dynamic binding is associated with object oriented programming

600) The term CHIP, JEWELLARY means a processor with high capacity

601) A watch point is associated with debugger

602) A multithreaded program uses multiple processes

603) Time sharing is a mechanism to provide spontaneous interactive use of a

computer system by many users in such a

way that each user is given the impression that he/she has his/her own computer

604) The typical scheme of memory management used in IBMOS/360 mainframe

system was that of multiprogramming

with variable number of memory partitions

605) The concepts used for realization of virtual memory are swapping, demand

paging and In-line secondary storage

606) Oracle 8i is an example of OORDBMS

607) ALPHA, RIOS, SPARC are examples of RISC Processors

608) The scope of an identifier refers to where in the program an identifier is


609) Hierarchy is not a component of relational database

610) A two-way selection in C++ is the if…else

611) A recursive function executes more efficiently than its iterative counterpart

612) The body of the recursive function contains a statement that causes the same

function to execute before

completing the last call

613) Variables that are created during program execution are called dynamic variables

614) When destroying a list, we need a delete pointer to deallocate the memory

615) The first character in the ASCII character set is the null character, which is


616) A variable for which memory is allocated at block entry and deallocated at block

exit is called a static variable

617) Signal to noise ratio compares signal strength to noise level

618) The ability to create new objects from existing objects is known as inheritance

619) Software tools that provide automated support for the systems development

process are OLAP tools

620) Applications/Web server tier processes HTTP protocol, scripting tasks, performs

calculations, and provides access

to data

621) A language used to describe the syntax rules is known as meta language

622) In a preorder traversal, the binary tree is traversed as follows

623) The general syntax of the function prototype of a value returning function is

function name (parameter list)

624) Competitive intelligence is the process of gathering enough of the right

information in a timely manner and usable

form and analyzing it so that it can have a positive impact

625) Tracing values through a sequence is called a play out

626) In a binary tree, each comparison is drawn as a circle, called a node

627) The term used as a measurement of a communication channel’s data capacity is


628) In addition to the nature of the problem, the other key factor in determining the

best solution method is function

629) An E-R data model solves the problem of presenting huge information system

data models is to users and


630) In C++, predefined functions are organized into separate libraries

631) The standard protocol (communication rules for exchange of data) of the internet


632) For efficiency purposes, wherever possible, you should overload operators as

member functions

633) Modifying algorithms that change the order of the elements, not their values, are

also called modifying algorithms

634) As long as the tables in a relational database share at least one common data

attribute, the tables in a relational

database can be normalized to provide useful information and reports

635) DBMS is a simple, fourth generation language used for data retrieval

636) An occurrence of an undesirable situation that can be detected during program

execution is known a exception

637) A photo of the company headquarters would be an example of the use of a static

web page

638) The Pentium processor contains thousands of transistors

639) SOI technology has been successful with reference to SRAM

640) Secondary storage device is needed to print output results

641) Static random access memory does not fall under the category of secondary

storage devices

642) Floppy disk is universal, portable and inexpensive but has its own limitation in

terms of storage capacity and speed

643) Some physical property of the microscopic area of the disk surface is changed

for recording in common for all types

of disks

644) In a disk, each block of data is written into two or more sectors

645) A floppy disk rotates at 100rpm

646) A hard disk has 500 to 1000 tracks or more

647) The storage capacity of a cartridge tape is 400 MB

648) Single density recording is also known as frequency modulation

649) Printer is not an input device

650) The input device that is most closely related to a touch screen is the light pen

651) Laser printer generates characters from a grid of pins

652) The liquid crystal display works on the basis of the relation between polaristion

and electric field

653) A COBOL program in source code is not considered to be system software

654) Firmware stored in a hard disk

655) A compiler breaks the source code into a uniform stream of tokens by lexical


656) Sorting of a file tasks is not performed by a file utility program

657) Floppy disk does not generate a hardware interrupt

658) Ada language is associated with real time processing

659) MS DOS is usually supplied on a cartridge tape

660) BREAK is not an internal DOS command

661) Kernel of MS-DOS software resides in ROM

662) The UNIX operating system (available commercially) has been written in C


663) MS-DOS has better file security system as compared to UNIX

664) UNIX is only a multiprogramming system

665) The UNIX operating system uses three files to do the task mentioned

666) In UNIX, end-of-file is indicated by typing CTRL D

667) Abacus is said to be invented by Chinese

668) An operating system is necessary to work on a computer

669) The first UNIX operating system, as it was in the development stage, was written

in the assembly language

670) FAST drivers scientific software packages was developed under contract with


671) LEFT () is not a date function

672) FIF editor is a windows based application

673) Graphics is inserted in frame

674) A language translator is best described as a system software

675) The specification of a floppy is identified by TPI

676) DISC () is not a database function

677) In opening menu of word star C OPTION should be selected for protecting a file

678) The most advanced form of ROM is electronically erasable programmable ROM

679) Secondary storage device is needed to store large volumes of data and programs

that exceed the capacity of the

main memory

680) MORE sends contents of the screen to an output device

681) NFS stands for N/W file system

682) Main protocol used in internet is TCP/IP

683) We can create a simple web page by using front page express

684) The first line/bar on the word window where the name of the document is

displayed is called title bar

685) The clock frequency of a Pentium processor is 50 MHz

686) The input device that is most likely to be used to play computer games is the


687) Linking the program library with main program is not performed by a file utility


688) The UNIX operating system has been written in C language

689) BIOS of MS-DOS resides in ROM

690) The sector size of a floppy disk varies from 128 bytes to 1024 bytes

691) A program type of errors is flagged by compilers

692) A floppy diskette is organized according to tracks and sectors

693) In word star, the maximum permissible length of search string is 65

694) C is a third generation high level language

695) A CPU has a 16-bit program counter. This means that the CPU can address 64 K

memory locations

696) STR () is used for converting a numeric into a character string

697) BASIC language is normally used along with an interpreter

698) In UNIX, open files are shared between the parent and the child

699) In spite of the extra power needed for refreshing. DRAMs are widely used in

computers because of its lower cost

relatives to SRAMs

700) PIF editor belongs to Main group

701) SUM () is not a financial function

702) 98/04/12 cannot be used to enter a date

703) Windows is popular because of its being expensive

704) Personal computers currently sold in India have main memories at an entry level

in the range of megabytes

705) The unit in CPU or processor, which performs arithmetic and logical operations

is ALU

706) RAM is volatile

707) The result of arithmetic and logical operations is stored in an accumulator

708) A small amount of memory included in the processor for high speed access is

called cache

709) A bus is an electronic track system

710) A co-processor is used to improve the speed of mathematical calculations

711) Intel 80286 belongs to third generation microprocessors

712) A hexadigit can be represented by eight binary bits

713) The number of processes that may running at the same time in a large system can

be thousands

714) FORTRAN is a 3GL

715) Root is not an item of the Menu bar

716) Difficult to do what it projects is not considered to be a feature of the spreadsheet

717) While starting the Lotus 1-2-3, the current cell reference is shown at top left

hand corner of the screen

718) Bill gates is the chief of Microsoft

719) Excel office assistant can be made to appear by using F1 key and help menu

720) 9 per page is the max no of showing positioning of per page handouts

721) Alignment buttons are available on formatting toolbar

722) Pico second is 10(to the power of-9)

723) Logo refers to a computer language

724) The most appropriate command to permanently remove all records from the

current table is Zap

725) The efficient and well designed computerized payroll system would be on-line

real time system

726) The scripts which are designed to receive value from Web users is CGI script

727) WAIS stands for – wide assumed information section

728) Modem is used for connecting PC using telephone lines

729) Token bus is the most popular LAN protocol for bus topology

730) Manipulating data to create information is known as analysis

731) A separate document form another program sent along with an E-mail message

is known as E-mail attachment

When you boot up a PC — portions of the operating system are copied from disk

into memory

733) Correcting errors in a program is called debugging

734) A word processor would most likely be used to type a biography

735) A database is an organized collection of data about a single entity

736) Fire fox is a web browser

737) Most of the commonly used personal computers/laptops do not have a command

key known as turnover

738) Full form of USB is known as Universal serial bus

739) The quickest and easiest way in Word to locate a particular word or phrase in a

document is to use the find


740) Computer sends and receives data in the form of digital signals

741) Icons are graphical objects used to represent commonly used application

742) Most World Wide Web pages contain HTML commands in the language

743) In any window, the maximize button, the minimize button and the close buttons

appear on the title bar

744) Checking that a pin code number is valid before it is entered into the system in

an example of data validation

745) Windows 95 and windows 98 and Windows NT are known as operating systems

746) Information on a computer is stored as analog data

747) A program that works like a calculator for keeping track of money and making

budgets is spreadsheet

748) To take information from one source and bring it to your computer is referred to

as download

749) Windows is not a common feature of software applications

750) A toolbar contains buttons and menus that provide quick access to commonly

used commands

751) Input device is an equipment used to capture information and commands

752) Most of the commonly available personal computers/laptops have a keyboard

popularly known as QWERTY

753) Editing a document consists of reading through the document you’ve created

then—correcting your errors

754) Virtual Box is not a famous operating system

755) Junk e-mail is also called spam

756) DOC is the default file extension for all word documents

757) .bas, .doc and .htm are examples of extensions

758) Codes consisting of bars or lines of varying widths or lengths that are computer

readable are known as a bar code

759) Convenience, speed of delivery, generally and reliability are all considered as the

advantages of e-mail

760) E-commerce allows companies to conduct business over the internet

761) The most important or powerful computer in a typical network is network server

762) To make a notebook act as a desktop model, the notebook can be connected to a

docking station which is

connected to a monitor and other devices

763) Storage that retains its data after the power is turned off is referred to as nonvolatile


764) Virtual memory is memory on the hard disk that the CPU uses as an extended


765) To move to the beginning of a line of text, press the home key

766) When sending and e-mail, the subject line describes the contents of the message

767) Microsoft is an application suite

768) Information travels between components on the motherboard through bays

769) One advantage of dial-up internet access is it utilizes existing telephone security

770) Network components are connected to the same cable in the star topology

771) Booting checks to ensure the components of the computer are operating and

connected properly

772) Control key is used in combination with another key to perform a specific task

773) Scanner will translate images of text, drawings, and photos into digital form

774) Information on a computer is stored as digital data

775) The programs and data kept in main memory while the processor is using them

776) Storage unit provide storage for information and instruction

777) Help menu button exist at start

778) Microsoft company developed MS Office 2000

779) Charles Babbage is called the father of modern computing

780) Data link layer of OSI reference model provides the service of error detection

and control to the highest layer

781) Optical fiber is not a network

782) OMR is used to read choice filled up by the student in common entrance test

783) A network that spreads over cities is WAN

784) File Manager is not a part of a standard office suite

785) A topology of computer network means cabling between PCs

786) In UNIX command “Ctrl + Z” is used to suspend current process or command

787) Word is the word processor in MS Office

788) Network layer of an ISO-OSI reference model is for networking support

789) Telnet helps in remote login

790) MS Word allows creation of .DOC type of documents by default

791) In case of MS-access, the rows of a table correspond to records

792) Record maintenance in database is not a characteristic of E-mail

793) In a SONET system, an add/drop multipliers removes noise from a signal and

can also add/remove headers

794) The WWW standard allows grammars on many different computer platforms to

show the information on a server.

Such programmers are called Web Browsers

795) One of the oldest calculating device was abacus

796) Paint art is not a special program in MS Office

797) Outlook Express is a e-mail client, scheduler, address book

798) The first generation computers had vacuum tubes and magnetic drum

799) Office Assistant is an animated character that gives help in MSOffice

800) Alta Vista has been created by research facility of Digital Electronic corporation

of USA

901) Most common channel used by networks today is telephone lines

902) Sybase SQL server and Microsoft SQL server 7.0 is not an example of RDBMS

903) In programming language, Null point is used to tell end of linked list

904) A technique which collects all deleted space onto free storage list is called

garbage collection

905) Node to node delivery of the data unit is the responsibility of the data link layer

906) Insulating material is the major factor that makes co axial cable less susceptible

to noise than twisted pair cable

907) A data communication system covering an area the size of a town or city is


908) Virtual memory system allows the employment of the full address space

909) The basic circuit of ECL supports the OR-NOR logic

910) Micro instructions are kept in control store

911) In HTML coding no shade attribute of HR tag suppresses the shading effect and

fields a solid line

912) Internet domains are classified by their functions. In that regard “.com”

represents commercial

913) HTTP in URL stands for hyper text transfer protocol

914) The “Nyquist theorem” specifies the minimum sampling rate to be twice the

bandwidth of a signal

915) Memory allocation at the routine is known as dynamic memory allocation

916) In HTML loading, <BR> tag is used for displaying a new line

917) HTTP protocols are used by internet mail

918) A policy on firewalls needs not ensure that it is logically secured

919) The script which is designed to receive value from the web users is java script

920) GET method and HEAD method is the C91 method of involving a C91 program

921) Analog switched line telephone service is least expensive

922) A toll used to find a synonym or antonym for a particular word is thesaurus

923) In C++ coding, Cout<<”tent”; is used to display character or strings or numeric


924) In this processing, a number of jobs are put together and executed as a group

batch processing

925) The process of finding and correcting errors in a program is a process called


926) cn pass command is used to change your password in UNIX system

927) HTML code is always starts with <html> </html>

928) If there are 5 routers and b networks in an internet work using link state routing,

there will be 5 routing tables

929) A scripting language similar to HTML and which runs only on a browser is java


930) By RAID technique, data is stored in several disk units by breaking them into

smaller pieces and storing each piece

in separate disk

931) The most popular network protocol whose routing capabilities provide maximum

flexibility in an enterprise wide

network is known as TCP/IP

932) New group that enable you to communicate with other Microsoft windows user

about issues and concerns with

your computer

933) Analog-digital conversion type needs sampling of a signal

934) In an optical fiber, the inner core is less dense than the cladding

935) Six types of heading are available in HTML

936) RDBMS is an acronym for relational database management system

937) In MS-Word, page layout view is also known as true WYS/WYG

938) In HTML coding, <UL> (Unordered list) is used to give bullets in your


939) Transmission media are usually categorized as guided or unguided

940) A virtual circuit is the physical connection between an end point and a switch or

between two switches

941) Passing of the frame to next station can happen at a token ring station

942) R-C coupling method is suitable for voltage amplification

943) Normal is not a type of HTML pages

944) In HTML coding <LI> tag is used for denoting items in a list of type <UL>

945) In MS-Word the keyboard shortcut F7 used for spelling and grammar check

946) DBMS is not an operating system

947) HTML is basically used to design web-site

948) In HTML coding, Dynamic web-pages are created in advance of the user’s


949) In Dos, primary name of a file can have a maximum of 10 characters

950) du command is used to show file system disk usage in UNIX

951) Maximum length of a text file is 255 characters

952) Frame format of CSMA/CD and Ethernet protocol differ in the block error


953) On an Ethernet LAN implementation with 10 base 5 the maximum number of

segments can be five

954) Overflow condition in linked list may occur when attempting to create a node

when linked list is empty

955) Code segment register is where the microprocessor looks for instruction

956) Web-site is collection of web-pages and Home-page is the very first page that we

see on opening of a web-site

957) The subsystem of the kernel and hardware that cooperates to translate virtual to

physical addresses comprises

memory management subsystem

958) A device operating at the physical layer is called a repeater

959) FORTRAN is a mathematically oriented languages used for scientific problems

960) If we want to convert the text which is in small letters to capital letters then

select the required text and press Shift


961) Datagram packet switching uses the entire capacity of a dedicated link

962) In the datagram approach to packet switching, each packet of a message follows

the same path from sender to


963) FDM technique transmits analog signals

964) X.21 protocol consists of only physical level

965) In a dedicated link, the only traffic is between the two connected devices

966) In a start topology, if there are n devices in network, each device has n-1

967) A unique number assigned to a process when the process first starts running PID

968) Modems is necessary for multiplexing

969) In MS-Word WYSIWYG stands for what you see is where you get

970) The primary purpose of shutdown procedure in UNIX system is that all active

process may be properly closed

971) In time- division circuit switching, delivery of data is delayed because data must

be stored and retrieved from RAM

972) Subnet usually comprises layers 1 & 2, layer 1 through 3 of OSI model

973) An image in a web-page can be aligned left and right using HTML coding

974) RFC stands for request for comment

975) Packet filtering firewall and proxy firewall is not a type of firewall

976) Most news reader’s presents news groups articles in threads

977) The sharing of a medium and its path by two or more devices is called


978) Sending messages, voice, and video and graphics files over digital

communication link is done by the method e-mail

979) In a computer network, a computer that can control a group of other computers

for sharing information as well as

hardware utilities is known as server

980) Telephone number, zip code is defined as a numeric field

981) In shell programming, tr command is used for character translation

982) Cat text>>output would append a file called test to the end of a file called output

983) In a network with 25 computers, mesh topology would require the more

extensive cabling

984) Dialog control is a function of the presentation layer

985) The program which takes user input, interprets it and takes necessary action is


986) Most appropriate data structure in C to represent linked list is array

987) Menu bar is usually located below that title bar that provides categorized options

988) Latest version of Microsoft Word is Word XP

989) You save your computer files on disc and in folders

990) when the text automatically goes onto the next line this is called word wrap

991) WYSIWYG is short for what you see is what you get

992) Left justify is the same as align left

993) To put text on the right of the page use the align right button

994) Lotus 1-2-3 is a popular DOS based spreadsheet package

995) 65,535 characters can be typed in a single cell in excel

996) Comments put in cells are called cell tip

997) Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called referencing

998) A numeric value can be treated as a label value if it precedes with apostrophe

999) Data can be arranged in a worksheet in an easy to understand manner using auto

formatting, applying styles,

changing fonts

1000) An excel workbook is a collection of worksheets and charts

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