Computer GK Questions (1001-1500)

1001) Most manufacturers setup their BIOS to load into upper memory during the

boot process

1002) Device drivers loaded in the config.sys file is loaded into the following memory

area: Conventional memory

1003) 40ns memory speeds is the fastest

1004) System software often uses the ROM BIOS

1005) In CMOS setup, if you enable shadowing ROM is copied to RAM

1006) Static variables are local to the block in which they are declared.

1007) During the normal PC boot process, ROM BIOS is active first

1008) During boot-up, the memory test checks and verifies that contiguous memory is


1009) 601 error code identifies a floppy drive problem

1010) If you get frequent general protection faults, this could indicate poor quality of

memory chips

1011) You are looking at a memory module thought to be a DIMM module. 168 pins

would be on a DIMM module

1012) The system BIOS and ROM chips are called firmware

1013) Extended located above the first 1024K of memory

1014) WRAM type of RAM is normally the fastest

1015) RAM component is used for short-term data storage

1016) A SIMM has 40 pins

1017) RAM provides quickest access to data

1018) Narrowcast linking is not a transmission technology

1019) The data flow diagram is for analyzing requirements of user

1020) The elements of computer processing system are hardware, data, users and


1021) On August 23, 2005 an accounting clerk prepared an invoice dated August 31,

2005. Range check control can

check this

1022) Library management software is for documenting the changes that are made to

program and controlling the

version numbers of the programs

1023) Steganography is hiding the data but not necessarily making it invisible and not

easily detectable

1024) A computer is an electronic device

1025) An online transaction is transaction done via internet

1026) Using anti-virus software is preventive measure

1027) For security we should consider local data reduction, event correction low

resource utilization

1028) OS is not a peripheral of PC

1029) The most common input device used today is keyboard

1030) The third generation of the computer were in 1965-1971

1031) Gateways to allow a network to use the resources of another main frame is a

component of internet

1032) Mouse cannot be shared

1033) EDI means electronic data interface

1034) Mainframes network where a huge compute does all computing and front end

PCs are dumb terminals

1035) A modem that cannot be moved from its position is called fixed modem

1036) A device that receives data from slow speed devices, and transmits it to

different locations is called remote


1037) Organization would prefer in house development of software to ensure that the

development adhere to defined


1038) Actual intelligence is not a feature of PC

1039) Network that uses two OSI protocol layers as against three used in X.25 is a

“frame relay”

1040) Microsoft excel is versatile application and spread sheet program

1041) System flowcharts show relationship that link the input processing and output

of the system

1042) To identifying the system to be tested the penetration testing is done

1043) Platform in computer world means computer hardware and operating systems

1044) A character that retains its value during program execution is constants

1045) Data accuracy is not done by modem

1046) OMR is used to read choice filled up by a student in common entrance tests

1047) The term remote with respect to network means machine located far off

1048) In two-tier client server architecture the client is usually fat client

1049) The senior management provides the go-ahead approval for the development of


1050) Manual data can be put into computer by Scanner

1051) E-mail address is made up of two parts

1052) The normal way to undo a command by pressing the following key

combinations together CTRL-Z

1053) The owner of a process is user that invokes the process

1054) In datagram packet switching all the datagram’s of a message follow the same

channel of a path

1055) X.25 LAPP uses a specific subset of HDLC protocol

1056) Presentation layer of the OSI reference model is concerned with the syntax of

data exchanged between

application entities

1057) Edge-triggered D flip –flop memory elements uses an PC circuit at its input

1058) Programs that extend the capabilities of a server are C41 scripts

1059) The primary goal of ISDN is the integration of voice services and non-voice


1060) Flow control in OSI model is done by transport layer

1061) The optical links between any two SONET devices is called a section

1062) A user can get files from another compute on the internet by using FTP

1063) The key fields which are tested by a packet filtering firewall are source IP

address , TCP/UDP source port,

destination IP address

1064) The server on the internet is also known as gateway

1065) VBScript can perform calculation of data

1066) In MS-Word, ‘mail merge’ can be defined writing a letter once and dispatching

it to a number of recipients

1067) Coaxial cables are good for digital transmission and long distance transmission

1068) LRU is a page replacement policy used for memory management

1069) Commercial TV is an example of distributive services with user control

1070) The exact format of frame in case of synchronous transmission depends on

whether transmission scheme is either

character oriented or bit oriented

1071) RING topology is least affected by addition/remove of a node

1072) EX-OR gates recognizes only words that have an odd number of 1

1073) To interconnect two homogenous WAN’s we need a router

1074) Co-axial cables provides data rates over 50 mbps

1075) The outermost orbit of an atom can have a maximum of 8 electrons

1076) The protocol for sharing hypertext information on the world wide web is HTTP

1077) ISDN’s basic rate interface (BRI) is also known as 2 D + B

1078) The mode of data transmission of unshielded twisted pair cable is full duplex

1079) Data accuracy is not done by modem

1080) Query is used to answer a question about a database

1081) AM and FM are examples of analog to analog modulation

1082) Redundancy is the concept of sending extra bits for use in error detection

1083) The physical layer is concerned with transmission of bits over the physical


1084) The number of input lines required for a 8 to 1 multiplexes is 8

1085) The bar-code (rectangular pattern of lines of varying width and spaces) used for

automatic product identification

by computer

1086) FSK is most affected by noise

1087) Stack is a LIFO structure

1088) CPU is not an input device of a computer

1089) Program of a computer presented as a sequence of instructions in the form of

binary numbers is called machine


1090) Possible problems with java scrip can be security or limited graphics and

multimedia capabilities

1091) For locating any document on the WWW. There is a unique address known as


1092) Design view would use to define a table and specify fields

1093) Traversal process is faster for threaded trees compared with their unthreaded


1094) The command used to display help on any particular command is man

1095) In C++ programming, the extension of program is .cpp

1096) A generic team that refers to the combination of all commercial transactions

executed over electronic media for

the exchange of product and services

1097) In DOS, the command used to create a new file is called copy con

1098) Backup helps you to create a copy of the information on your hard disk and

saves original data in case data on

your computer got damaged or corrupted due to malfunctioning of hard-disk

1099) LAN is usually privately owned and links the devices in a single office,

building or campus

1100) In justified type of alignment, text gets aligned along both left and right


1101) The internal programming language for a particular chip is called machine


1102) The inner core of an optical fiber is glass and plastic in composition

1103) When a small amount of trivalent impurity is added to a pure-semiconductor it

is called P-type semiconductor

1104) In MS-Access, a table can have one primary key/keys

1105) In DOS, Deltree command is used to delete all the files as well as subdirectories

of a directory

1106) Netscape navigator is a web-browser

1107) Multiplexing involves one path and one channel

1108) Table, form, queries, reports, macros, modules are objects in an access database

1109) The clown command in UNIX changes home directory of a user

1110) BCD stands for binary coded decimal

1111) When we run a program in HTML coding, notepad is used as backend and

internet-explorer works as front end

1112) If the M bit in X.25 standard is set to 1, it means that thee is more than one


1113) The modem is a device that connects n input stream outputs

1114) Array is linear data structure

1115) A T.V. broadcast is an example of simplex transmission

1116) Search engine will search its database to find items whose tent contains all or at

least one of the words given to it

1117) In UNIX, command “! $” is used to repeat entire less command line

1118) PCM is an example of analog to digital

1119) A simple protocol used for fetching an e-mail from a mailbox is POP 3

1120) For a small web site, one needs to buy space from the ISP

1121) An operating system that acts as an intermediary between user and computer


1122) Attair, the world’s first personal computer, was introduced in the year 1979

1123) Half duplex data flows in both directions, but any one direction at the time

1124) Ring requires a central controller or hub

1125) The OSI model consists of seven layers

1126) The main job of one of the following is to allocate CPU to processes scheduler

1127) 10,500 valid Min & Max zoom sizes in MS office

1128) Before printing a document you should always use print preview

1129) Excel XP is the latest version of excel

1130) A worksheet can have a maximum of 256 number of rows

1131) Character is not a valid data type in Excel

1132) Formula bar in an Excel window allows entering values and formulas

1133) Direct memory access is a technique for transferring data from main memory to

a device without passing it

through the CPU

1134) 5 30-bit SIMMS are required to populate a bank on a 486 system that has a 32-

bit data bus

1135) SRAM uses a clock to synchronize a memory chip’s input and output signal

1136) Cycle-stealing type of DMA transfer will operate when a CPU is operating

1137) A series 100 POST error code indicates a problem with the system board

1138) You have an old PC that you decide to upgrade with a 1 gig IDE hard drive.

You find that you can’t configure CMOS

to see the entire hard drive. The best you can do is 540 meg. Then use a device driver

that makes the bios see the drive


1139) When SHADOWING is enabled in computers BIOS Instructions stored in

various ROM chips are copied into

1140) POST stands for power on self test

1141) Checking the hard disk while running Windows 3.1, you discover a very large

file called 396SPART.PAR. That file is

windows permanent swap file

1142) CMOS contains the computer BIOS and maintains its data with the use of a

battery for periods when the system is

powered down

1143) TSR stands for terminate and stay

1144) LAN is not an inter network

1145) Memory is temporary and storage is permanent

1146) Echo checking cannot assure data accuracy in an application

1147) Focus on manual records is not necessary for computerization system in a bank

1148) Permanent establishment, residence-based, Income based classification are the

approaches used to tax online


1149) Computer of computer communication for business transactions is called EDI

1150) Client-server computing is used in Network multi-media

1151) Back up of files is taken for security

1152) Operating system is not a software category

1153) Computer program looking “normal” but containing harmful code is infected

by Trojan horse

1154) Private key is used to append a digital signature

1155) Most dangerous risk in leaking of information is ignorance about the existence

of risk

1156) IMAP (Internet message access protocol) takes care of E-mail at client side

1157) The CPU has control unit, arithmetic-logic unit and primary storage

1158) 1st generation computer is the bulkiest PC

1159) E-R diagram represents relationship between entities of system

1160) User is technically least sound

1161) Minicomputers is not there during fourth generation computer

1162) Microchip is unique to a smartcard

1163) Internet was started as network for defences forces of America

1164) A program permanently stored in hardware is called firmware

1165) Taking back-up of a file against crash is a curative measure

1166) Simplex transmission technique permits data flow in only one direction

1167) Front end processor relieves the host computer from tedious jobs and does them


1168) Software can’t be touched

1169) Physical access to a database can be altered by hiring procedure

1170) The sound signal carried by telephone line is analog

1171) All decisions for LAN are taken by the IT steering committee

1172) An input device gives data to a computer

1173) Correction of program is done by debugging

1174) File transfer is the function of the application layer

1175) A policy on firewalls need not ensure that is logically secured

1176) A modem performs modulation, demodulation, data compression

1177) Personnel security does not fall under the category of operations to be

performed during development of


1178) CASE tool cannot help with understanding requirements

1179) UPC cannot be used for source of data automation

1180) The banks are MICR device to minimize conversion process

1181) MP3 files cannot be navigated using ClipArt browser

1182) Close option in File pull-down menu is used to close a file in MSWord

1183) 3 ½ is the size of a standard floppy disc

1184) When entering in a lot of text in capitals you should use the caps lock key

1185) Files created with Lotus 1-2-3 have an extension 123

1186) Contents, objects, Scenarios of a worksheet can be protected from accidental


1187) Device drivers that are loaded in windows 3.X are loaded into the sytem.ini file

1188) 30 pin SIMM’s, 72 pin SIMM’s, 168 pin DIMM’s types of RAM sockets can

be seen on mother boards

1189) The Power on self test determines the amount of memory present, the date/time,

and which communications

ports and display adapters are installed in a microcomputer

1190) Virtual memory refers to using a file on the hard disk to simulate RAM

1191) BIOS (ROM) is considered firmware

1192) A population application of computer networking is the WWW of newsgroup

called Netnews

1193) a = 10; export a is a valid command sequence in UNIX

1194) Set date will you give in UNIX to display system time

1195) Circuit switched network networks requires that all channels in a message

transmission path be of the same speed

1196) The Vi program available under UNIX can be created to open a virtual terminal

1197) A 4-bit ring counter is initially loaded with 1001

1198) The standard defined for fiber optics is 802.8

1199) Digitizers can be converted from “dumb” to “smart” through the addition of a


1200) The extension of database file is given by dbf

1201) VRML code is based on Unicode

1202) Use net discussion groups have their own system of organization to help you

find things just as internet excel

1203) Http protocol is used for WWW

1204) Protocol conversion can be handled by gateway

1205) In ISDN teleservices, the network can change or process the contents of data

1206) A longer instruction length may be -1024 to 1023

1207) A microprocessor is a processor with a reduced instruction set and power


1208) The term server refers to any device that offers a service to network users

1209) Using HTML, Front page, DHTML we can make web-site

1210) Usually security in a network is achieved by cryptography

1211) PSTN stands for public switched telephone network

1212) A thyratron cannot be used as a amplifier

1213) An input device conceptually similar to mouse is joystick

1214) Netscape navigator and other browsers such as the internet explorer are

available free on the internet

1215) In MS-logo Bye command is used to come out from that screen

1216) In C++ programming, the command to save the program file is F3

1217) Data lines which provide path for moving data between system modules are

known as data bus

1218) Bubble sort technique does not use divide and conquer methodology

1219) The OSI model shows how the network functions of computer to be organized

1220) A 8 bit microprocessor must have 8 data lines

1221) A protocol that permits the transfer of files between computer on the network is


1222) A data structure, in which an element is added and removed only from one end

is known as stack

1223) In linked list, the successive elements must occupy contiguous space in


1224) In OSI model reference, layer 2 lies in between the physical layer and the

network layer

1225) In synchronous TDM, for n signal sources, each frame contains at least n slots

1226) Mouse and joystick are graphic input devices

1227) In linked list, a node contains at least node number, data field

1228) Gopher is not a web browser

1229) Device drivers controls the interaction between the hardware devices and

operating systems

1230) The shortest path in routing can refer to the least expensive path

1231) An ordinary pen which is used to indicate locations on the computer screen by

sensing the ray of light being

emitted by the screen, is called light pen

1232) Netiquettes are some rules and regulations that have to be followed by users

1233) Gateway uses the greatest number of layers in the OSI model

1234) A set of standards by which servers communicate with external programs is

called common gateway interface

1235) UNIVAC is a computer belonging to third generation

1236) API allows a client/server relationship to be developed between an existing host

application and a PC client

1237) Semi-insulator is a substance which has resistivity in between conductors and


1238) Multi vibrator is a two stage amplifier with output of one feedback to the input

of the other

1239) Macro is used to automate a particular task or a series of tasks

1240) Internet is network of networks

1241) A set of devices or combination of hardware and software that protects the

systems on one side from system on

the other side is firewall

1242) Simple, transparent, multi post are bridge types

1243) When bandwidth of medium exceeds the required bandwidth of signals to be

transmitted we use frequency

division multiplexing

1244) Direct or random access of element is not possible in linked list

1245) In Dos, the “Label” command is used to display the label of disk

1246) At the lower end of electromagnetic spectrum we have radio wave

1247) In Word, Ctrl + Del combination of keys is pressed to delete an entire word

1248) Plotters are very useful in applications such as computer aided design

1249) Web browser is a type of network application software

1250) 65535 characters can be typed in a single cell in Excel

1251) Overtime analysis is useful for formulating personnel policies and derived form

the payroll system

1252) Multiple worksheets can be created and used at a time

1253) UNIX is both time sharing and multiprogramming system

1254) Floppy Disk is universal portable and inexpensive but has its own limitation in

terms of storage capacity and speed

1255) Personal computers currently sold in India have main memories at an entry

level in the range of megabytes

1256) UNIX has better security for files relative to MS-DOS

1257) The UNIX operating system has been written in C language

1258) Syntax errors is flagged by compilers

1259) PARAM is an example of super computer

1260) Mother board holds the ROM, CPU, RAM and expansion cards

1261) CD-ROM is as a magnetic memory

1262) The binary number system has a base 2

1263) GUI is used as an interface between software and user

1264) E-mail is transaction of letters, messages and memos over communications


1265) Device drivers are small , special purpose programs

1266) LAN refers to a small, single site network

1267) One megabyte equals approximately 1 million bytes

1268) Magnetic tape is not practical for applications where data must be quickly

recalled because tape is a sequential

access medium

1269) User id, URI and time stamp is not used by organization when a user visits its


1270) DBRM takes care of storage of data in a data base

1271) Plotters give the highest quality output

1272) Encrypting file system features of windows XP professional operating system

protects the data of a user, even if

the computer is shared between users

1273) Loading is not required for high level language program before it is executed

1274) Top – bottom approach cannot be the measure of network traffic

1275) Devices such as magnetic disks, hard disks, and compact disks, which are used

to store information, are secondary

storage devices

1276) Various input and output devices have a standard way of connecting to the CPU

and Memory. These are called

interface standards

1277) The place where the standard interfaces are provided to connect to the CPU and

Memory is known as Port

1278) Binary numbers are positional numbers

1279) The base of the hexadecimal system is sixteen

1280) Display capabilities of monitor are determined by adapter card

1281) Mouse has a use in graphical user interface and applications as input device

1282) Drum plotter, flat bed plotter, graphic display device is an output device

1283) The time taken to write a word in a memory is known as write name

1284) 1 MB is equivalent to 2 (to the power of 20 bytes)

1285) A memory cell, which does not loose the bit stored in it when no power is

supplied to the cell, is known as nonvolatile


1286) Magnetic surface recoding devices used in computers such as hard disks, floppy

disks, CD-ROMs are called

secondary / auxiliary storage devices

1287) The electronic circuits / devices used in building the computer that executes the

software is known as hardware

1288) Assembler is a translator which translates assembly language program into a

machine language program

1289) Interpreter is a translator which translates high level language program into a

machine language program

1290) Machine language programs are machine dependent

1291) The programs written in assembly language are machine independent

1292) High level languages are developed to allow application programs, which are

machine independent

1293) The Vacuum tubes are related to first generation computers

1294) Mark I was the first computer that used mechanical switches

1295) First generation computers relied on machine language to perform operations,

and they only solve one problem

at a time

1296) In first generation computers input was based on punched cards

1297) In second generation computers input was based on print outs

1298) Vacuum tube generates more energy and consumes more electricity

1299) Second generation computers moved from cryptic binary machine language to

symbolic, or assembly languages

which allowed programmers to specify instructions in words

1300) Most electronic devices today use some form of integrated circuits placed on

printed circuit boards thin pieces of

bakelite or fiberglass that have electrical connections etched onto them is called

mother board

1301) The operating system, which allowed the device to run many different

applications at one time with a central

program that monitored the memory was introduced in third generation computers

1302) In third generation computers, users interacted through keyboards and monitors

1303) The fourth generation computers saw the development of GUIs, the mouse and

handheld devices

1304) First computers that stored instructions in memory are second generation


1305) In second generation computers transistors replaced vacuum tubes

1306) The micro processor was introduced in fourth generation computer

1307) Integrated Circuits (IC) are introduced and the replacement of transistors started

in third generation computers

1308) Fifth generation computing is based on artificial intelligence

1309) Assembly language is low-level language

1310) In assembly language mnemonics are used to code operations, alphanumeric

symbols are used for address,

language lies between high-level language and machine language

1311) The computer’s secondary memory is characterized by low cost per bit stored

1312) Acknowledgement from a computer that a packet of data has been received and

verified is known as ACK

1313) Acoustic coupler is a communications device which allows an ordinary

telephone to be used with a computer

device for data transmission

1314) ALGOL is a high-level language

1315) A high level programming language named after Ada Augusta, coworker with

Charles Babbage is Ada

1316) Adder is a logic circuit capable of forming the sum of two or more quantities

1317) To identify particular location in storage area one have a address

1318) A local storage register in the CPU which contains the address of the next

instruction to be executed is referred as

address register

1319) A sequence of precise and unambiguous instructions for solving a problem in a

finite number of operations is

referred as algorithm

1320) PC/AT is an example of Bi-directional keyboard interface

1321) DIMM is not an I/O bus

1322) PCI bus is often called as mezzanine bus

1323) 8088 is an original IBM PC inter CPU chip

1324) 80386 is a 32-bit processor

1325) A Pentium or Pentium pro board should run at 60 or 66 MHZ

1326) The maximum bandwidth of EISA bus is 33 M/sec

1327) A computer system runs millions of cycles per second so that speed is measured

in MHz

1328) Heat sink is the metal device that draws heat away from an electronic device

1329) Pentium chip has 64 bit & 32 bit registers

1330) A mother board should contain at least 4 memory sockets

1331) The 1.2 MB drive spin at 360 rpm

1332) Intensity of sound is called amplitude

1333) A single zero bit is called starting bit

1334) PnP stands for plug and play

1335) A computers system’s clock speed is measured as frequency

1336) Maximum RAM of XT type is 1 M

1337) The data in 8 bit bus is sent along 8 wires simultaneously in parallel

1338) The bus is simple series of connection that carry common signals

1339) Mainly memories are divided into two types they are logical memories and

physical memories

1340) System based on the new Pentium II processor have the extended memory limit

of 4G

1341) Full form of EMS memory is excluded memory specification

1342) The 286 & 386 CPU have 24 address lines

1343) Bus has both the common meaning and computer meaning

1344) Data on a floppy disk is recorded in rings called tracks

1345) A group of characters that have a predefined meaning database

1346) In a spreadsheet a cell is defined as the intersection of a row and column

1347) Document file is created by word processing programs

1348) Real time is not a type of error

1349) The mouse device drivers, if loaded in the config.sys file, its typically called


1350) Peer to peer means computer to computer

1351) RLL refers to run length limits

1352) The most important aspect of job scheduling is the ability to multiprogramming

1353) Modem is a modulator-demodulator system

1354) A data communication system requires terminal device, communication

channel, protocols

1355) The start button appears at the lower left of the screen

1356) Windows is GUI

1357) TIF stands for tagged image format

1358) The first network that initiated the internet is ARPANET

1359) In modems a digital signal changes some characteristic of a carrier wave

1360) Favorites are accessible from the start menu

1361) The virus is a software program

1362) BANK’S is not memory chip

1363) We use RAM code to operate EGA

1364) A scanner is attached to LPT or SCSI host adapter port

1365) RAM bus is not a bus

1366) Processor bus is the fastest speed bus in system

1367) Resolution is the amount of detail that a monitor can render

1368) Sound blaster is a family of sound cards sold by creative labs

1369) MIDI is a family of sound cards sold by creative labs

1370) MIDI is a standard for connecting musical instruments to PC’s

1371) By connecting a MIDI cable to the joystick port you can connect your PC to a

MIDI device

1372) MPC stands for multimedia personal computer

1373) Video cards, video and graphics card are example of video & audio

1374) The display technology used by monitor is CRT

1375) On a LAN each personal computer is called workstations

1376) The CPU is the next most important file server after the hard disk

1377) It is best to use the game adaptor interface on the sound card and disable any

other on system

1378) Mouse port uses keyboard controller

1379) The number of sectors per track in 1.44 MB floppy disk is 18

1380) Pentium II system can address 62 G memory

1381) The mouse was invented by Englebart

1382) The server’s network adapter card is its link to all the work stations on LAN

1383) Magnetic drives such as floppy and hard disk drives operate by electro


1384) Clock timing is used to determine that start and end of each bit cell

1385) Head designs are of 4 types

1386) Latency is the average time that it takes for a sector to be a available after the


1387) Each sector is having 512 bytes

1388) DDD means digital diagnostic disk

1389) PC Technical is written in assembly language and has direct access to the

system’s hardware for testing

1390) Check it pro deluxe gives detailed information about the system hardware

1391) The last 128k of reserved memory is used by mother board

1392) There are 80 cylinders are there for an 1.44 m floppy

1393) IBM changed ROM on the system to support key boards

1394) +12 V signal for disk drive is used for power supply

1395) CD ROM’s are single sided

1396) The storage capacity of a CDROM is 650 MB

1397) XGB has 2048 K graphic memory

1398) Most sound boards generate sounds by using fm synthesis

1399) Microscope helps you trouble shoot PS/2 system

1400) General purpose of diagnostic program run in batch mode

1401) The routing of data elements are called bits

1402) Operating system often called as kernel

1403) IPC stands for inter process communication

1404) Many programming errors are detected by the hardware

1405) When a process exists, he operating system must free the disk space used by its

memory image

1406) Buffering attempts to keep both CPU and I/O device busy all the time

1407) Software is not an example of file mapping

1408) The most important aspect of job scheduling is the ability to multiprogramming

1409) There are two types of floppy disks

1410) System calls can be grouped into three major categories

1411) “FIFO” stands for first in first out

1412) In the two-level directory structure, each user has its own user file directory

1413) The number of bytes in a page is always a power of 2

1414) A process that does not determinate while the operating system is functionary is

called dynamic

1415) The three main types of computer programming languages are machine

language, assembly language, high level


1416) There are 2 types of processor modes

1417) An input device is an electromechanical device that generates data for a

computer to read

1418) The first implementation of UNIX was developed at Bell Telephone

Laboratories in the early 1970

1419) A connection less protocol is more dynamic

1420) The throughput is a measure of work for processor

1421) COBOL stands for common business oriented language

1422) Reset button is used to do cool booting

1423) In MS-EXCEL the no of rows, no of columns are 16384,256

1424) FOXPRO is a package and programming language

1425) Mostly used date format in computer is MM-DD-YY

1426) Reservation of train ticket uses real time mode of processing

1427) A floppy disk is a thin plastic disc coated with magnetic oxide

1428) In binary addition 1+1 = 1

1429) Universal building blocks of a computer system are NAND & NOR

1430) In COBOL programming characters length per line is 64

1431) In FOXPRO, the maximum fields in a record are 128

1432) QUIT command is used to come out of FOXPRO

1433) Count command is used to count the specified records in a file with or without


1434) F1 key is pressed for help in FOXPRO

1435) One Giga byte = 1024 mega bytes

1436) Small scale integration chip contains less than 12 gates

1437) The most common monitor sizes are 14, 15, 17

1438) IBM PC and DOS has BIOS support for 3 LPT ports

1439) EDO stands for external data organizer

1440) The number of wires in IDE Hard Disk cable are 16

1441) If the data transfer rate is 150 k/sec then it is called single speed

1442) A typical buffer for a CD-ROM drives 156 K

1443) The 2.88 M floppy drives have 36 no of sectors

1444) 1 MB is equal to 2 (to the power of 10 KB)

1445) ROM is a primary storage device

1446) The process of loading and starting up DOS is called booting

1447) The Dos Prompt is mainly C:\>

1448) C:\>ver is used for displaying current version name

1449) Intel 440x “Natoma” is an example for mother board chipset

1450) Direct memory access channels are used by medium speed communication


1451) The 486 Sx chip is twice as fast as a 386 Dx with same clock speed

1452) On a 286 or 386 sx system, the extended memory limits 16M

1453) The 385 Dx, 386 CPU have 32 address lines

1454) Shared memory does require 16 K of VMA space

1455) DIMM’s are 168 pin modules

1456) The function of +12V power supple is to run disk drive motors and also cooling


1457) SPS generally referred as rechargeable batteries

1458) Parallel interface is not the interfaces that can be used to connect the mouse to

the computer

1459) The mouse interrupts usually occurs if the system uses a mouse port

1460) The video adapter BIOS handles communication between the Video Chipset &

Video Ram

1461) Pentium pro CPU’s have full of 323, they can track of 44 G of memory in

address lines

1462) The processor bus is the communications path way between CPU and

immediate support chip

1463) VL-bus can move data 32 bit at a time

1464) A modem attached to system on COM ports

1465) Horizontal scan refers to the speed at which the electron beam across the screen

1466) RGB monitor display 80 column text

1467) When transition changes from negative to positive the head would detect

positive voltage spike

1468) Animation means to make still picture, move and talk like in cartoon pictures

1469) Analogues: The use of a system in which the data is of a continuously variable

physical quantity such as voltage or

angular person

1470) Animation: A simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures

or frames

1471) Application means a piece of software designed to meet a specific purpose

1472) Active X is a model for writing programs. Active X technology is used to make

interactive Web pages that look and

behave like computer programs, rather than static pages. With Active X, users can ask

or answer questions, use push

buttons, and interact in other ways with the web page

1473) Batch processing is a technique in which a number of similar items or

transactions are processed in groups or

batches during a machine run

1474) BIS: Bureau of Indian Standards. It is a national organization of India to define


1475) Browser is a link between the computer and the internet. It’s actually a program

that provides a way to look in the

hand interact with all information on the internet. A browser is a client program that

uses the Hypertext Transfer

Protocol (http) to make requests of Web servers throughout the Internet on behalf of

the browser user.

1476) CIO (Chief information officer) : The senior executive in a company

responsible for information management and

for delivering IT services

1477) Client/server architecture: A type of network in which computer processing is

distributed among many individual

PCs and a more powerful, central computer clients can share files and retrieve data

stored on the server

1478) Collaborative software: Groupware, such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft


1479) Computer-Aided design: Refers to any computer-enabled method of design also

called computer-assisted design.

1480) Commuter: A group of electronic device used for performing multipurpose


1481) Channel: It consists of controller card, interface cable and power supply

1482) CORBA: CORBA is the acronym for Common Object Request Broker


1483) CBT: Computer based training

1484) Certification: Skills and knowledge assessment process

1485) Computer Crime: The act of stealing, cheating or otherwise defrauding an

organization with the use of a computer

1486) Cyber café: Café offering internet browsing facility

1487) Cryptography: Method used to protect privacy and security on the internet

1488) DBMS: An acronym for the database management system. A program that

maintains and controls the access to

collection of related information in electronic files

1489) Data: Facts coded and structured for subsequent processing, generally using a

computer system

1490) Digital signature: Encrypted signature used for providing security for the

messages/data transferred through the


1491) Digital computer: A device that manipulates discrete data and performs

arithmetic and logic operations on these


1492) Data transmission: The movement of data from one location of storage to

another. If the locations are

geographically far away, generally done via satellites.

1493) Disk Mirroring: The data is written on two or more hard disks simultaneously

over the same channel

1494) Disk Duple Xing: The data is written on two or more hard disks simultaneously

over the different channel

1495) Dumb Terminals: Hardware configuration consisting of a keyboard and monitor

that is capable of sending and

receiving information but has no memory or processing capabilities.

1496) Download: Process of transferring a file system from one system to another

1497) E-commerce: Business transactions conducted over extranets or the internet

1498) Enterprise, resource planning: An integrated system of operation application

combining logistics, production,

contract and order management, sales forecasting and financial and HR management

1499) Electronic data interchange (EDI) : Electronic transmission or documents

through point to point connections using

a set of standard forms, message and data elements, this can be via leased lines private

networks or the internet

1500) Data processing: It is a method concerning with the systematic recording,

arranging, filing, processing and

dissemination of facts of business

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